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*Please note: see more on customs & traditions of
Victorian Teas
and Etiquette & Childrens Teas /book suggestions
and also the Books page for titles about "Entertaining" tips

Image: Sir John Tenniel - 1865
1890 Nursery Version 
"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. 
"I’ve had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone: "so I can’t take more."
"You mean you can’t take less," said the Hatter. "it’s very easy to take more than nothing."
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Taking Tea with Alice
Dawn Gottlieb Diane Sedo
ISBN: 0446911739
Publisher: Warner Books
Pub. Date: August 1997

Purchase Alice themed items at this Collectible Site for Alice tea items
Set a Wonderland Tea Themed Table and Teach all about the Etiquette of Tea!
*Related : Alice of Wonderland sites for your pleasure
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 
Virtual display created by
Melissa Lowenberg; based on an exhibit mounted at
UBC Library Special Collections Division June 1999
Purchase a unique Alice in Wonderland teapot
 also visit this fun site: http://www.ruthannzaroff.com/wonderland/

General Etiquette:
Open Directory listing of Etiquette Links on the Net

Tea Etiquette

Tea Time Etiquette

Etiquette for All

Tea & Crumpets - School of Etiquette
Links page
Link examples:
Formal table setting:
 American Table Manners 
How to Use a Napkin 
 Tips and Pitfalls 

From The Tea Table.com August 2002 Newsletter
A quick serving tea - Etiquette Tip:
When serving lemon with tea, it is proper to use lemon slices, not wedges. Provide a lemon fork for your guests or the tea server can neatly place a slice in the tea cup after the tea has been poured. When your tea cup is empty, the pourer should remove the lemon slice, pour the tea, and add a fresh slice. Be sure never to add lemon with milk since the lemon's citric acid will cause the proteins in the milk to curdle.
Read information about Tea Accoutrements

Tea Trays
By the 18th century the association with tea and the upper classes was established as ladies introduced the tea tray into their homes featuring expensive Chinese porcelain and Dresden tea sets.
Properly attired, a tea tray, would comprise teapot and stand, teacups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug
and slop basin for discarding used tea leaves.
Read complete article online

Read online: from Five Roses, this "victorian" information
The image of tea, its presentation and the importance of good housekeeping

Emily Post (1873–1960). Etiquette. 1922.
Chapter XIII. 
Teas and Other Afternoon Parties

Victorian Etiquette

This site: ModernEtiquette.com sells videos & books
but it has some online articles of interest.

Good Housekeeping - Peggy Post
Tempest in a teapot

Book for less than $10! - its one of those miniature books,
nice to tuck in a Tea Gift Basket or to give as a favor at a Tea Party
The Little Book of Etiquette
Dorothea Johnson
ISBN: 0762400099
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Pub. Date: January 1997
From the Publisher
Never again hesitate when selecting a fork from a fancy place setting, making a formal introduction, hosting a business dinner, or dining on awkward foods. The experts at Washington's School of Protocol will save you from embarrassing future faux pas! Full-color illustrations.

Consider also, the more formal book from Dorothea Johnson
The Protocol School of Washington's Tea and Etiquette:
Taking Tea for Business and Pleasure
Dorothea Johnson James Norwood Pratt (Introduction)

Find the 2002 ed. available from this link

Learn Proper Tea Etiquette:

Mail Order Programs:
Tea & Etiquette®

The Protocol School at Britannia House offers seminars and private study programs in business etiquette, tea etiquette, and the history of tea.  We have selected tea etiquette as the touchstone for all other etiquette classes. 
AfternoonTea, steeped in tradition, has become a trendy preference as a setting for business and personal engagements.
Britannia House
P.O. Box 705, 5820 Lower York Road, Lahaska, Pennsylvania 18931
Telephone 215.794.0373     E-Mail: totallytea@aol.com 

Complete presentation customized for your group.
Afternoon Tea is served.
Leadership Skills for Today
The Academy
400 East Evergreen Boulevard Suite 212
Vancouver, Washington  98660
(360) 693-3393
(888) 799-7555

Explaining the difference of Afternoon Tea & High Tea
Read: Tea for Two By Tamera Bastiaans
and also
What exactly is "High Tea"?

Article "Excerpt" from the archives of the Internet Epicurian
High Tea
Though it sounds like a creation of the irrepressable Hyacinth Bucket (of the BBC's Keeping Up Appearances), High Tea originated as a British working class tradition. "High" refered to the way it was taken, sitting atop stools in a tea shop or standing at a counter or buffet table. It was a cross between afternoon tea and supper, and for many it was the main meal of the day.
Read entire article online

Excerpt from Victorian Whisper
www.victorianwhisper.com/teatime.html *site pages, no longer available on internet*
High Tea: 
It is also necessary to distinguish between 'afternoon' tea and 'high' tea. The difference is bound up by times and forms of meals. Afternoon tea was eaten before an evening dinner--about four o'clock--and was a polite little snack. Afternoon tea usually consisted of cakes, biscuits, bread and butter and tea. got later and later. High tea was eaten after a midday between five and six o'clock--and was likely to be a main meal. High tea evolved from the 18th century dinner, and eventually replaced it amongst the fashionable. (Dinner was then served as late as eight o'clock.) While tea was the main beverage, coffee and cocoa were sometimes served at high tea. Nursery tea was at 4 o'clock. Tea in the nursery would be the children's evening meal. They did not dine with the adults. 

What exactly is proper to be served at a Afternoon Tea
British / English High Tea traditionally consists of:
Freshly baked scones and/or crumpets served with Devonshire cream and Country preserves
Afternoon tea sandwiches
Assorted pastries
Traditional English trifle
Tea of Course!

Find/see Recipes for many of these "Afternoon" delights that I have included on Teas2Dine4

See also - High Tea - recipe suggestions

Times for Morning, Afternoon and High Tea

Tea party etiquettte..posting to a Tea Chat Room
Posted by Christine 
In Reply to: Etiquette for high Tea
posted by Mr. Artz on June 01, 1998
I'm no etiquette expert, and there are a lot of
books that deal with this subject. But here are some little things I found:
Make those tiny sandwiches last at least two bites.
Pick up your cup and saucer together - holding the saucer in one hand and
cup in the other.
Hold the cup lightly, by the handle 
- your pinky doesn't have to be extended,
but it's a nice touch.
Hold thesaucer under your cup while you sip 
your tea, lest you should spill or dribble. 
Keep your napkin in your lap. 
Lay a used fork on your plate with the tines down. 


In Tea & Etiquette, renowned etiquette expert, Dorothea Johnson, presents us with the most eloquent book
to guide use through "taking tea for business and pleasure." 
Etiquette is the tapestry woven throughout this delightful book which aims to inform and amuse the novice and the connoisseur. 
Tea--Past and Present: History, legend, the English, the Boston Tea Party. 
Tea Tales: Some favorite teatimes--English, Chinese, Japanese, German and American. 
Taking Tea Today: Hosting an afternoon tea at home; brewing the perfect pot of tea and serving it with aplomb. 
Going Out to Tea: Service defined and all the nuances of taking tea in tearooms, restaurants and hotels. 
Business Etiquette & Tea: A complete guide to being a great host or guest during this pleasant alternative to the business lunch or dinner. 
Tea and the Trimmings: Finessing the food at tea. 
Recipes: Delicious teatime recipes from chefs who know how to please. 

Updated edition due out: Summer 2002

Etiquette of an English Tea 
Beryl Peters
ISBN: 1898617066
Publisher: Copper Beech Publishing
Pub. Date: December  1995

Dim Sum: The Art of the Chinese Tea Lunch
Ellen Leong Blonder
ISBN: 0609608878
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Pub. Date: April  2002

Come to Tea: Fun Tea Party Themes, Recipes, Crafts, Games, Etiquette and More
Stephanie Dunnewind  Capucine Mazille  Dan Potash
ISBN: 0806978996
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated
Pub. Date: September  2002
Recommend Age Range: 6 to 10

Katherine Serves Tea: Tea Party Planning and Etiquette
Paula G. Edwards
ISBN: 0965656616
Publisher: River Side Company
Pub. Date: March  1997
Recommend Age Range: 6 to 12 

General Etiquette:

EHow - Etiquette Links
Register for free at Ehow.com for access to all their How-to's
Such as:
eHow to Be a Proper Guest at a Tea 

Open Directory listing of Etiquette Links on the Net

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The Ceremony of Tea

Tea Ceremonies - Learn the individual customs and etiquette

Rules of Etiquette for Guests at a Japanese Tea Ceremony

Chaji is a full tea presentation 

Asian Tea Ceremonies

The Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Tradition

The Chinese art : Gong Fu Cha

Korean Tea Culture

Tea Culture & Literati

Russian Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony Utensils

Tea Customs and Traditions 

China Tea Customs

Tea Customs in Britain 

The History of Tea in Britain
Tea is the unofficial national drink of England.
Trace the history of tea and tea customs in the UK.

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Miscellaneous Sites/Articles of Interest

Glossary of tea - know the proper terminology

How to brew tea

General Hosting Tips and Etiquette 
How do you handle the situation if someone brings a 
covered dish to a party that is not potluck? 
When should you be ready to receive guests? 
If a guest presents you with a bottle of wine, 
are you obligated to open it? 
Find the answers below. 
These tips are appropriate for any occasion. 
Clearly indicate the duration and 
start time of your party on the invitation. 
If a guest presents you with a bottle of wine, 
you are not obligated to open it. 
Politely thank the guest and accept the bottle. 
Be sure to send a note of thanks the next day. 
If someone brings a covered dish that you did not request, 
just graciously say “thank you.” 
Don’t get caught with your potholders on! 
Be ready to receive guests as early as one half hour 
before the time on your invitation. 
Although every party is a combination of similar 
components, there are varying specifics 
to each theme as well. 
For instance, use and placement of dinnerware 
and cutlery differs vastly on a buffet table 
than in a formal dining situation. 
Seating and serving arrangements, 
centerpieces, and linen selection are other 
variables that are integral to the overall look and flow of your party. 

 Here is a trusty guide to help with your table seating. 
First, you have to consider the size of the tables: 
 36” table seats 4 or fewer 
 48” table seats 6-8 (6 comfortably) 
 60” table seats 8-10 (8 very comfortably, but most people do put 10 people at these table) 
72” table seats 10-12 (10 very comfortably, plus you'll want to have some centerpieces) 

Proper Table Settings for a Tea Buffet 
Excerpt Quoted from: 
[**Note** this site is no longer available on the Internet
and I do not have information about it in a new spot]

For A Tea Party 
What is the proper etiquette of serving tea at a "Tea Party" and the proper setting of the table----I have every thing(I think) but not sure how to go about setting the table and serving the tea (along with ornate cookies and cakes) 
Read answer at:
I also have included some further information on: Making Proper Introductions
that was formerly at the above website address (http://thetearoom.8m.com/)

Tea Time
The Respite of Tea Divides Up the Days

Clothing at Children's Tea Parties

What exactly is a tea society?
See information in this regard from the Hunter House Victorian Museum (Norfolk, VA)

Example Links to: Tea Society's

Red Hat Society
Raspberry Tarts 
MZ-TEA-Rious Ladies
The Dixie Scarlets

The Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society

When I Am An Old Woman.Com 
welcomes you to learn just about everything you ever wanted to know
about the popular poem: Warning, by Jenny Joseph

Amazing Woman's. Ladies Who Wear Purple and a Red Hat! Webring

James Norwood Pratt - Tea Society

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